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Reviews and Reservations

We have all been living through a global pandemic since March. Everyone is handling this time differently, some refuse to believe it is even real, some take precautions so great that others mock them, and most of us are just trying to make it through the day in the safest way possible for ourselves and others. It is still normal to question ourselves regularly, was that safe, is this real, what will the World look like when this is over, will it ever actually end?

In July I let 2 of Lily’s friends into the house, one needed to use the bathroom, they didn’t wear masks and they are kids I’ve known forever, we had a long chat that I thoroughly enjoyed and then immediately regretted. What if one of them had Covid? Even though I was across the kitchen I had taken a chance that could have major repercussions for myself, my business and my staff. A week later one of the kids had a co-worker test positive and the self recriminations grew even more. Luckily none of us came up positive but it was a stark reminder of the reality that we now live in.

Our staff is all being incredibly careful even outside of work, we talk about choices that we make, apple picking with a mask on, not feeling really safe hanging out with someone that just tested negative because what if you are unknowingly asymptomatic and give it to them? None of us will eat indoors at a restaurant and discuss the safety measures that every spot has in place. This week we had a dishwasher leave, he needed full time and right now I don’t have the hours for him. Instead of hiring someone new, someone who may or may not be as conscientious as the rest of our crew we opted to absorb the hours with the labor force we already have. It’s not easy and has added yet another burden but feels safest.

I am so incredibly grateful that our staff has risen to meet each and every new challenge with innovation and clarity of purpose. Each day is a fight for survival on multiple levels and I couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of them. We also have lots of silly moments, playing monkey in the middle with a ball of aluminum foil, throwing our water bottles across the room trying to hit the recycling bin, mispronunciations of vehicle names and taste testing the truly horrible Thanksgiving flavors of candy corn.

Something else that helps morale overall is the reviews. When you make a parking lot reservation for curbside ordering an hour later you get an email asking about your experience. Lots of folks ignore them, I don’t blame them unsolicited email is one of my least favorite things, but the folks that choose to review sometimes bring me to tears.

On September 16th: 5 stars We have not been out to eat since March! Too worried about the virus. Took a chance today seeing how you serve your customers and reserving our spot, giving our order, food delivered in 2 minutes, and fantastic as always! No fear of virus here! Wish all restaurants worked this way! Thank you 100 times over!

On August 13th: 5 stars Wow! The new ordering system is so easy to utilize, and the friendly and very efficient service offered by the Bruce’s Burritos team is amazing! This was my first curbside experience, and my expectations were exceeded. I’ll be back soon! Thank you go the awesome vegan options and world class service!

On July 7th: 5 stars Love the burritos-DON’T like your Covid ordering system. I reserved a time and walked to the store. Two employees asked if they could help and when I told them I was waiting for my call they refused to take my order. So I stood outside and waiting for my reserved call which didn’t come until 4 minutes after my reserved time.

On September 10: 5 stars Great as always! Just wish other customers would read and follow instructions so as not to slow down the service for those of us that do.

Folks, we are all in this together. Don’t be the weak link. Stay vigilant for yourself, your family and community. Make good safe choices and please wear a mask! Make reservations at

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