Bruce’s Habanero Hot Sauce

shutterstock_97622885 One of the most sought after sauces at Bruce’s Burritos is Bruce’s Homemade Habanero Hot Sauce; it is also the most feared. Habanero’s are hot, scorching hot little orange peppers; they look cute and even innocuous to the uninformed. Do not be fooled.

My first introduction to a habanero was about 11 years ago at the Bakehouse Café, Tor, one of the chefs, dared a dishwasher to eat one. It was a snowy night in Portland and no one was coming out to eat, we had to amuse ourselves somehow…we all offered up money for the challenge.… [read more]


We are currently struggling, more than ever before, with food allergies among our customer base. On our very first day, before we even opened our doors, a mom came in to see if we had dairy free options. This wasn’t just a kid that would get a little gas from exposure to dairy he would go into anaphylactic shock. As any concerned mother of an allergic kid would, she even read the list of ingredients on the box of taco shells. To serve this kid, and many others over the years, we have to pull someone off the line to wash their hands, heat things up separately and prepare them on a separate surface. This was in the infancy of our restaurant and now we do 4 times that amount of business in a day.
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