Our Burritos

Bruce’s Burritos is our twist on the California style burrito with an emphasis on fresh ingredients. Bruce is in the kitchen each morning making everything from scratch. You can find something for everyone in the family, from the toddler to grandmother and even the vegan teenager in between. We have 30 seats and are a counter-service establishment. Our Customer Appreciation Cards We appreciate all of our customers and one of the ways we show this is our Appreciation cards. Buy 12, Get one Free, limit 2 stamps per visit. When you get your free burrito name and phone number go on the back of the card and you are entered into a drawing for a $175 gift card. We draw five times a year. March 2nd, for our anniversary, May 5th for Cinco de Mayo, the middle of July for Clamfest, November 1st for the Day of the Dead, and December 24th for Christmas. Gift Cards are available in any denomination.