shutterstock_102143884 One of the realities of owning a small business is the slew of salespeople always at your door, or calling, tying up the phone line. They want to sell you everything, from enzymes for the grease trap to computer systems to advertising. I am no professional marketer, everything that Bruce’s Burritos has done for advertising is random, more of an emotional way of advertising versus a calculated plan. We advertise in The Notes, because our salesman Mark LaBrie was the first person to welcome Bruce to Yarmouth and he impressed Bruce. His friendly advice about opening a business in town was very helpful. We advertise in the Bollard first because I have always appreciated Chris Busby as an editor, and second because it allows me to live out my dream of writing a column even if it is an advertorial.

You won’t find us in a phonebook. I canceled our ad and listing, which was ridiculously expensive, when I saw a picture on Huffington Post of a neighborhood that had piled up all the phonebooks that had been delivered that day with the caption, “WE ALL HAVE GOOGLE.” The telemarketer couldn’t believe that I didn’t want to be in the phonebook, for me I can’t weigh the cost of all that paper, never used by 85% of the people, with the value of the advertisement.

Some advertisements just feel fake, a local radio station is always pestering us to do PSA’s. Public Service Announcements that basically say, “Don’t hit your kids, and call someone if you know kids that are being abused.” The guy that calls is supremely professional, he reads the ad and you think, “I don’t want kids to be abused, I should definitely send a couple hundred dollars.” He got me in the first four years, but for the last two I’ve been putting him off. I realized that none of that money actually goes to children who are being abused, I’m paying for the radio station to operate. Which if I’m going to do I’d rather have an upbeat fun ad and then give a donation to a children’s charity. Not that, unfortunately, I think that radio ads will work for us, the last radio ad that I loved was with the now defunct Air America, again emotional not necessarily logical.

For the first time I agreed to a real ad campaign with We have an amazing regular, local crowd, but we are not a tourist destination. I’m hoping that with the Yelp ads, we can direct some tourists to us during our slightly slower summer months. To this end we made a Yelp video ad. It won’t be up until the end of July. Doing the shoot was both nerve wracking and a lot of fun. Patrick Russell, from and, was a great videographer who came in and helped us to make the ad. I think the end result was representative of Bruce’s Burritos and a lot of fun, not staid and boring at all, it opens with Bruce and Evan juggling.

If you’d like to help us out, if you are a regular customer and you like what we do, check out on Yelp and review us. Support all of your local favorite spots in this way: what is good for the small Maine business is good for all Mainers. From last month’s article, Captain Paul Watson update, he is still under house arrest in Germany, awaiting extradition to Costa Rica, the Costa Rican’s said that they would drop charges for $250,000. Captain Watson has refused to pay off his shark fin mafia accusers.