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Our Location

Bruce’s Burritos is located at 438 US Route 1 in Yarmouth, Maine in the Yarmouth Marketplace, nestled in the corner by Sherwin Williams. We are open Monday thru Saturday 11am to 8pm serving tasty lunch and dinner options.


Our Burritos

Bruce’s Burritos is our twist on the California style burrito with an emphasis on fresh ingredients. Bruce is in the kitchen each morning making everything from scratch. You can find something for everyone in the family!

What Our Customers Think

Nicole G. From YELP
I had a special delivery of Bruce's Burritos all the way to Sacramento, CA from my fiance's dad in Maine. It's DELICIOUS. It reminds me of Chipotle style burritos but healthier (option of whole wheat tortillas) and a huge menu variety... sweet potatoes & spinach!? YUM!! There's another burrito waiting in the fridge that my fiance and I will enjoy tomorrow. Can't wait! Unfortunately I am too far away to visit the actual establishment but I haven't seen anything like Bruce's in Sacramento and it would be great if they opened up some burrito shops out here